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"Cities must be planned around people, which necessarily involves conflict actors - in this context, primarily victims and former combatants."

-Carlos Andés González, Rebuilding Peace in Colombia

We're so excited you're here!

Planning discourse has never been more critical as we contend with global challenges of climate change, refugee crises, growing cities, and shrinking landscapes. Panorama seeks to grapple with some of these questions through the intersectional lens of planning, design, policy, and development.

We are excited to present the 31st edition of curated student work from the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design. 

In solidarity,

The Panorama 2023 editorial team→

White Structure

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Panorama 2024!

Panorama is an urbanism-focused and genre-curious platform for student voices.

We'd love to see work that you're proud of - essays, maps, GIFs, and more - at any stage of readiness. Our editors are looking forward to working with authors on making pieces journal-ready. 


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