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Panorama is a curation of work from students of the Department
of City and Regional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman
School of Design. In this year’s edition of Panorama, we want to ask the question, “What’s in a future?” Who takes stock of the present and shapes
change? What ideas and images move us forward?


     As planners, preservationists, designers, and urbanists, we find ourselves
studying the past with our eyes on the future. Panorama features student
work that grapples with this condition by exploring topics and offering
recommendations on local and global scales. Through writing, map making,
and design, students explore topics such as affordable housing policy, free
speech on public transit, Urban Outfitter’s use of the phrase “urban renewal,”
federal energy policy, and much, much more.

     Panorama 2024 also features studio work from the Weitzman
School’s Fall ’23 semester, including recommendations for Philadelphia’s
summer of 2026, when the city will host games for the FIFA World Cup, the
MLB All Star Game, and the nation’s 250th anniversary celebration; strategic planning for the intersection of land use and mass transit in Bogota, Colombia; urban design for climate resiliency in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands; and design for equity and trauma informed planning at West Philadelphia’s Sayre High School.

     This edition of Panorama aims to open dialogue about the critical
issues that all of us, planners or not, witness in our everyday lives, be it social
inequity, housing crises, underfunded transit systems, or accelerating climate


     The future of planning is shaped when we share our work, have open
conversations, and move forward together. We have thoroughly enjoyed
bringing together this edition of Panorama and we hope that when you turn
the last page, you feel challenged, informed, and hopeful for our future.

With hope, and in solidarity,

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Lisa Servon

Professor & Department Chair



Katie Hanford

Copy Editor

Katie is a second-year Master of City Planning student concentrating in Housing, Community and Economic Development. After studying anthropology as an undergraduate, Katie worked for a few years in the nonprofit sector, focusing on youth development and community support. Katie is interested in the intersection of culture, power, and community-led design, specifically how communities come together to create urban space that fits their needs. When not people-watching, Katie spends her time playing/listening to all things heavy, watching ‘90s romcoms and finding the best food and drink deals Philly has to offer.

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Bailey Bradford

Design Editor

Bailey (he/him) is a second-year Master of City Planning student with a focus in Sustainable Infrastructure and Transportation Planning. He is passionate about the role of transportation accessibility and equity in building safe, climate-resilient, and vibrant communities. Prior to becoming a graduate student, he developed paid digital media campaigns for clients such as the Georgia Democratic Party and Voto Latino. When not browsing bus network maps, he is probably deep in a new dinner recipe or playing Beyoncé’s Renaissance on loop.


Revathi Machan

Content Editor

Revathi (she/her) is a first year Master of City Planning student concentrating in Housing, Community, and Economic Development. Prior to coming to Penn, she studied landscape design and environmental policy. Currently she is exploring the intersection of data and design to drive connection between communities through human-centered infrastructure and greener public spaces. When not lost between lines of code and/or plans, you can find her working on tattoo commissions, upcycling her clothes (or wrecking them – depending on your perspective), and exploring new places in the city.


Claudia Schreier

Copy Editor

Claudia (she/her) is a first-year Master of City Planning student with a focus in Smart Cities. Prior to coming to Penn, she worked in the clean tech and coastal resilience fields. Claudia is passionate about emerging technologies that promote equity and sustainability in the city. She holds a BS in Oceanography from the University of Delaware (Go Blue Hens!). Outside of school, Claudia is slowly completing her mission to enjoy a cold brew at every independent coffee shop in Philadelphia.


Jeffery Tseng

Design Editor

Jeffery is a first-year Master of City Planning student concentrating in urban design and pursuing a certificate in Real Estate Design and Development at the Wharton School. He is an aspiring urban designer, landscape architect, planner, and future developer aiming to enhance the quality of life and connection between people and the environment in the public realm. He hopes that through sustainable design and development, we can combat the environmental impacts and injustices experienced by contemporary urbanism. When he's not worrying about real-world problems,  you can find him at the Penn gym playing pickup basketball with his mates. 

Jonathan Zisk

Content Editor

Jonathan is a second-year Master of City Planning student concentrating in sustainable transportation and infrastructure planning. He comes to Penn with experience working at the School District of Philadelphia and at Philadelphia's Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity. Jonathan has an English degree from Reed College in Portland Oregon and also attended Deep Springs College in California. He believes that cities are remarkable spaces for sustainable and equitable life and wants Chestnut and Walnut Streets to be permanently closed to cars. If you have any questions, you can find him in Clark Park at 6:30pm every Wednesday.

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