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When most people imagine what planners do, they think about street design and zoning. This year’s edition of Panorama brilliantly demonstrates just how much more there is to what we do. The student work you’ll see in these pages ranges from a rethinking of how planners view equity and advocacy, to examining the parallels between the legal contestation of public electricity and municipal broadband, to exploring how municipal development banks could finance green infrastructure. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I hope that when you read through this impressive volume you’ll appreciate the breadth and depth of our students’ work as much as I do.


I think you’ll also notice just how well-suited the work our students are doing is to the big challenges facing our world. Racial equity. Climate change. Financial precarity. These are the wicked problems our students tackle every day in our classrooms and in the field. It may sound cliché, but our students truly are devoted to making the world a better place. As you’ll see, they’re already doing just that.


As the chair of the Weitzman School’s Department of City Planning, and I could not be more proud of the work coming out of our department. Happy reading!

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Lisa Servon

Professor & Department Chair




Clara Lyle

Senior Copy Editor

Clara is a second-year Master of City Planning Candidate focusing on Land Use and Environmental Planning. Clara holds a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University in History and Global Health. She lived in New Orleans for nearly seven years where she worked on social enterprise, food justice, and education initiatives. When she is not reading about climate change adaptation, you can find her biking around Philadelphia looking for the best snacks.

Jackson Plumlee

Graphics Editor

Jackson is a graphics editor for Panorama and a second-year dual degree student in Landscape Architecture and City Planning programs. He believes that planners and designers can support the collective will of communities and amplify their people power through research, advocacy, and participatory action. His studies focus on the intersections of climate justice, community organizing, and methods of cooperative land ownership. Otherwise he’s out watercoloring on location or daydreaming about his next illustration project.

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Anastasia Lyons

Copy Editor

Anastasia is a first year Master of City Planning Candidate focusing on Housing, Community, and Economic Development. After studying architecture and history as an undergraduate, Anastasia worked for 7 years in communications, marketing, and business development for several design and planning firm sin Boston, Massachusetts. As a designer and writer, Anastasia is passionate about the power of storytelling to mediate our relationship to place and community. When not buried in readings about climate change or housing and economic justice, Anastasia enjoys hosting lavish dinner parties, going on urban adventures, and dancing to music turned up too loud.

Marc Schultz

Senior graphics editor

Marc Schultz is the Senior Graphics Editor for Panorama and a second-year Master of City Planning student concentrating in Urban Design. Marcis passionate about designing happier cities. He can usually be found trying to cook Sichuan food, losing at board games, or sitting in his West Philly garden reading Ursula K. Le Guin.


Riddhi Batra

Copy Editor

Riddhi is a first-year Master of City Planning student with a background in architecture and urban action, research, and advocacy. A firm believer in the potential of design and communication to transform our lives, she is currently exploring the intersection of mobility, infrastructure, and public space to develop solutions for social and ecological equity. When not glued to her laptop, you can find her petting a dog (or a cat), flipping through a book, sniffing coffee beans, or clicking photographs of almost everything.

 micah epstein

web editor

micah (they/them) is a first years Master’s in City Planning student concentrating in Housing, Community, and Economic Development. They are a storyteller and systems meddler raised on vast swathes of fantasy and science fiction, which taught them the power stories have to change hearts, minds, and systems. As a designer, they’ve designed web experiences for the ACLU of Washington, the MIT Media Lab, the coveillance collective, and many others. When not pushing pixels, you can find them headbanging in grimy basements or racing (and beating) c*rs on their rusty fixed gear.


Cade Underwood

Senior Copy editor

Cade Underwood is a dual degree Master of City Planning and Law School student with a general concentration in housing, debt, and ownership. Cade studies cooperative economies, community ownership, housing financialization, public finance, the political economy of debt, and how working people can reclaim the power to their housing and labor.

Céline Apollon

Senior Web Editor

Céline Apollon is a Senior Website Editor for Panorama. She is a second year Master’s student in City Planning focusing on Urban Design and Community Development. She is passionate about implementing interdisciplinary approaches between the arts, culture, and urbanism in order to continue challenging conventional practices and facilitate long-lasting and equitable community development rooted in place. Her favorite thing to do during Covid times has been to blast 60s music while drinking wine, drawing, and cooking up something good. Ask her anything about music, dance, art, and feminist/black urbanism!