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Kisumu Collage

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by Kamya Khandelwal

Kamya is an architect and urban planner with a knack for designing cities that feel like home and playgrounds for the child in everyone. Her tools are a love for design, data, and a keen ear for community needs. Off-duty, you’ll find her immersed in music, expressing life through photography and art, or enjoying a swim. Recently, swing dancing has caught her fancy - life’s all about balance, right? With a deep affection for the sea, I’m eager to merge my design work with marine conservation and climate resilience initiatives down the line

In the last semester, I was part of the Kenya studio led by David Gouverneur, Thabo Lenneiye, and Karli Molter. As one of the first exercises for the studio, we were asked to create a 36”x36” collage, and I decided to center mine around the critical topic of public health, because it stands as one of the most pressing and urgent issues in both African and other Global South countries. This choice naturally guided my focus throughout the semester towards addressing public health challenges, especially within informal settlements.

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