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Meet our team!
Clara Lyle is a first year Master of City Planning Candidate focusing on Land Use and Environmental Planning. Clara holds a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University in History and Global Health. She lived in New Orleans for nearly seven years where she worked on social enterprise, food justice, and education initiatives. When she is not reading about climate change adaptation, you can find her biking around Philadelphia looking for the best snacks. 
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Tyler Bradford is a Senior Copy Editor for Panorama and a second-year student in the Master of City and Regional Planning program. After receiving his Bachelors in Geography and English from Dartmouth College, Tyler served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Madagascar on projects related to agriculture, environment, and community economic development. Tyler has also worked in micromobility in New York City where he cultivated his skills and passion for the role of data analytics in governance and civic applications. Outside of planning and cities, Tyler enjoys cooking, parks, and spending as much time as possible with his dog.  
Marc Schultz is a Graphics Editor for Panorama and a first-year Master of City Planning student concentrating in Urban Design. Marc is passionate about designing happier cities. He can usually be found screen printing, trying to cook Sichuan food, or sitting in his West Philly garden reading Ursula K. Le Guin. 
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Cade Underwood is a dual degree Master of City Planning and Law School student with a concentration in Housing and Community Economic Development. Cade focuses his studies on cooperative economies, community ownership, and working people holding the power to their housing and labor.  
Celine Apollon is a Website Editor for Panorama. She is a first year Master’s student in City Planning focusing on Urban Design and Community Development. She is passionate about implementing interdisciplinary approaches between the arts, culture, and urbanism in order to continue challenging conventional practices and facilitate long-lasting and equitable community development rooted in place. Her favorite thing to do during Covid times has been to blast old-school tunes while drinking wine and cooking up something good. Ask her anything about music, dance, art, and feminist/black urbanism! 
Nour Jafar is a Senior Copy Editor for Panorama and a second year Master of City Planning candidate specializing in Housing, Community, and Economic Development. Nour holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Kuwait University and has experience working as an architect on transportation projects in Chicago. Between writing her thesis, arguing with strangers on the internet, and making an obscene amount of bread, you can find her rolling her eyes at academic articles exploring post-colonial planning, gentrification, and workforce development policy.
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Jamaica Reese-Julien is a Senior Graphics Editor for Panorama and a second-year student in the Master of City and Regional Planning  and Master of Architecture program, with a concentration in Community and Economic Development.  She holds a bachelors degree in Architecture and is passionate about designing equitable, sustainable, and fun public spaces.  She loves weaving, saving household items from her dog’s destruction, and all of her diagrams are cyan blue.  
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