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Letter from the editors

Welcome to the 29th edition of Panorama, the Weitzman School of Design’s City and Regional Planning student journal. As a student-run publication, we strive to share the best and most innovative work from our peers: the next leaders of planning and design. The work included in the 29th edition of Panorama explores critical planning across a diverse set of environmental and regional contexts – preparing for the multifaceted global climate crisis, confronting legacies of colonialism in planning traditions and built environments, and building more responsive and equitable transportation systems.


This year’s issue engages with the direct and indirect effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that have defined the last year. It questions how the school we attend can uphold the anti-racist ideals that have been so prominently discussed in national conversations about racial justice.


In addition, this journal represents several City Planning studios that make up the core of our graduate work. This year’s studios ranged from planning for advocacy in Grays Ferry, designing for informal societies in urban Central and South America, reorienting towards a network-minded SEPTA, and implementing a Green New Deal across the United States.


Each studio embodies students’ passion for driving change in the wake of planning, especially during a time when innovative and bold planning is clearly needed. While the range of topics in this publication is wide, each piece represents a facet of planning’s future and the critical decisions that we must make. It is our pleasure to share the 2021 edition of Panorama with you.




The Panorama Editors

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