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Billy Fleming


Claudia Aliff, Salonee Chadha, Christine Chung, Pat Connolly, Diana Drogaris, Christopher Feinman, Al-Jalil Gault, Liz Gagliardi, Amber Hassanein, Avery Harmon, Emily Jacobi, A.L. McCullough, Rachel Mulbry, Ada Rustow, Erica Yudelman

The Green New Deal Superstudio builds upon the guidelines of the Green New Deal and the efforts of previous students whose work focused on identifying critical regions in the U.S. which must be “won” to achieve the stated aims of the GND’s jobs, justice, and decarbonization agenda. This studio has zoomed in on each of the regions— Appalachia, the Midwest, and the Mississippi Delta—in order to produce a digital “atlas” documenting the regions and a set of “futures” which speculate upon what the material reality of an implemented Green New Deal may look like. The studio’s final format was a website, where you can find more work at

Workbook wborder-01.png

A Workbook for Dreaming: This is a guide to understand and develop visions for the future of places in Appalachia under a Green New Deal.

Appalachian Dreams to Appalachian Futures: Critical to the success of this project will be the commitment to the many people and communities of the region who alone have the relationships, knowledge and skills required to transform Appalachia into a place truly abundant, sustainable, and hospitable for all.

Planting Plenty: A publication in partnership with the Midwestern Agricultural Regeneration Agency (MARA) to commemorate 50 years of the Green New Deal.

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